Evacuated Tube Collectors

Flat Plate Collectors


  • SS 304, Copper Inner Tank
  • Outer Cladding SS / GI Powder Coated
  • Electrical Backup with Non Sunny days (Optional)
  • Absorption per day 95% auto Sun Tracking Collection
  • PUF Insulated Storage Tank
  • Better performance in Winter & Cludy Days
  • Excellent heat absorption and minimum heat reflection
  • No Scale formation & No pipe blockage will occur by using Salt & Hard water on Copper Tank


Type of Collector ETC
Tube Specificiations 47-1500 mm / 58-1800 mm
Structural Frame 27 Degree
Inner Tank Material SS 304 / Copper
Insulation High density PUFF Material
Outer Tank Stainless Steel
Tank Volume 100 ltr. to as per customer requirements

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