Flat Plate Collectors (FPC)

Flat Plate Collectors


  • High Efficiency Selectively coated copper absorbers.
  • Sturdy, Pure polyester powder coated collector box.
  • Inner Tanks made in SS 304, SS 316, Steel with Epoxy Coated, Copper.
  • Electroplate the black chrome coated improves energy absorption, long service life, enduring high temperature.
  • In case water quality is not good the TDS and PPM so high, we prefer copper tank

Specifications :

Type Flat Plate Collectors (FPC)
Absorber Sheet Copper 34 SWG/0.1 mm thick Selectively Coated Laser
Welded Chrome coated (E.T.P. Quality)
Riser / Header Tube Copper 12.5mm 24 SWG (+ 0.5 mm)
No. of Riser Tube 9 Fins
Bonding between Riser & Absorber High temperature Ultrasonic Seam/Laser Welding
Front Glazing 50 mm thick Rock wool slab density of 48 Kg/M3 with Aluminum foil
Back Insulation Toughen Glass 4 mm thickness Transparency 87% and above
Gasket EPDM Rubber Grommets and Glass Beading
Collector Box Jindal/ Indalco Aluminum, extruded channel backed by a sheet of 22 SWG
Collector stands and legs M.S. "L" Angle with enamel coated
Support top glazing Glass retaining aluminum beading 1.6 mm
Absorber Coating Selective coating Absorptivity 0.95+ 0.02
Emissivity = 0.10 +0.02
Insulation Rock Wool
Fasteners S.S. / GI Screws and Bolt Nuts
Collector Sealant Silicon base

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