Flat Plate Collectors (FPC) Special Features Download FPC Brochure
  • High Efficiency Selectively coated copper absorbers.
  • Sturdy, Pure polyester powder coated collector box.
  • Inner tanks made in SS 304, SS 316,
  • Steel with Epoxy Coated, Copper,
  • Electroplate the black chrome coated improves energy
  • absorption, long service life, enduring high temperature.
  • Electroplate the black chrome coated improves energy
  • absorption, long service life, enduring high temperature.
  • In case water quality is not good the TDS and
  • PPM so high, we prefer copper tank.

Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC) Special Features Download ETC Brochure
  • Aesthetically designed to suit homes & commercial offices.
  • Regular use or as back up power. Useful for both remote areas as well as places with erratic power supply.
  • Many models to suit individual requirements.
  • Energy efficient luminaries available with CFLs or LEDs.
  • Comprises of Solar PV module, charge controller, battery bank, inverter and CFL / LED luminaire.
  • Models as per MNRE Specifications as well as custom made designs.

Solar Cookers

Special Features

Download Brochure
  • Compound Parabolic Concentrators (CPCs) are designed to efficiently collect and concentrate distant light sources.
  • With acceptance angle options of 25° and 45°, our CPCs are able to accommodate a variety of light sources and configurations.
  • Compound Parabolic Concentrators are critical components in solar energy collection, wireless communication, biomedical and defense research, or for any applications requiring condensing of a divergent light source.
  • For custom coatings on the entrance and exit faces or for custom sizes and configurations,

Bio-Mass Boilers Special Features Download Brochure
  • Heavy gauge metals and latest technology is used for longer durability
  • Low Investment, No Maintenance and Less Fuel Cost.
  • Easy to Install & easty shift.
  • Electrical Power, Gas, Conventional Power is not required.
  • Energy Efficient, Low Smoke, Eco Friendly.
  • for heating waters for Domestic & Non Domestic Applications.
  • Designed and manufacturing the Boilers as per the customers requirements and site conditions.
Solar Lanterns Special Features Download Brochure

Our solar lanterns confirm to Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources (MNES) specifications. They are highly efficient and are provided with a two step charging controller which protects battery from over charging and deep discharging. High frequency inverter offers high efficacy, more light output and long service life to the CFL Lamp / LED.

Air Source Heat Pump Special Features Download Brochure

24 Hours Hot Water System

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